J. Gregory McVerry

A portfolio submitted for the technology and teaching award.
Southern Connecticut State University

Open Online Scholarship

As a digital scholar I spent this year building co-learning spaces while infusing the principles of Connected Learning and Web Literacy.For my full portfolio Click Here

Today's faculty need to empower the world by connecting our research to the communities we serve. As part of my open scholarship I worked with the Mozilla Community to develop and mantain a map of competencies students need to read, write, and participate on the open web. On March 20th we finished Version 1.5 of the Map.

Web Literacy Map(V 1.5)

While the two peer reviewed publications that came from this work will advance the field it was the writing I did in the open, as part of reflective design, that best serves the community.


EDU 106: New Literacies for Life Long Learning

The purpose of the hybrid class was to highlight the shifting nature of literacy and social practices as new digital texts and tools emerge everyday. As an LEP Tier I class we demonstrated technological fluencies necessary for citizenry in the twenty-first century.

This class was taught in both the open, using blogs and webmaker tools, and closed using private Google Apps and Google+.

The students learned the basics of reading, writing, and participating on the web. They also created websites that required knowledge of CSS and HTML. In fact this class fused literacy theory, instructional design, the LEP comptencies, and the Web Literacy Map. Here are a few examples:


The #WalkMyWorld Project is a social media project in which we share and connect online at Twitter using one hashtag. Groups of learners across the globe are connecting and sharing for 10 weeks using the #WalkMyWorld hashtag. It is a class I co-created and co-facilitate.

Visit Walkmyworld

Networked Learning

As a digital scholar you can find me most hours connecting on Twitter, hosting podcasts on YouTube, and helping out teachers on Google+.



Question the web is an open classroom environment designed to teach students how to critically evaluate websites. We cannot teach argumentative writing without a focus on credibility and the web.

I am teaching this class in multiple sessions as part of a design based research project. In this first phase I am developing materials with teachers that they can then use in the classoom

Students learn these skills in reading and writing are production-based, collaborative, and rooted in discourses of the dicsipline.

Visit #QuestionTheWeb